Lighthouse Deaf Baptist Church

Lighthouse Deaf Baptist Church has undergone a major transition to be combined with East Hill Baptist Church as a Deaf ministry under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Steen.  The people warmly welcome any and everyone who is Deaf, Hard-of-hearing, and the people who just want to be around

When are the services?
MP900341439[1]On Sunday, we meet at 9:45 AM for Sunday School, then 11AM for church services where it is interpreted by Bro. Les Leckron, a nationally certified free lance interpreter and his wife, Melissa.  We then meet at 6:00 PM, again the services are interpreted.

I’m not Deaf, may I still attend?
hearingYes, of course. You are more than welcome to attend the services. Our Deaf ministry is not “closed” to the hearing. Our Deaf and church members welcome you to attend with us, whether you are flue.



What can I wear to church?
clothesOur goal is not to debate or argue about a dress code or what you wear or don’t wear. Our Pastor and staff dress professionally for they want to honor the Lord in their service, yet, we have never turned away a visitor or member because of their attire. We want you to feel comfortable in our services. Come as you are.


I have children. Can they attend too?
Q5FJUK9OFHYour children, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or hearing are always welcomed. We have a nursery for the babies, a children’s class for the older kids, and of course, adult classes for you. Our nursery is staffed with only qualified, Pastor approved workers. No child is left alone to take care of themselves. You can feel safe with your child in our hands.

I have other questions, who can I ask?
QV79SWW53SThat we believe is the most important question because we know that we cannot answer everything here on our website, but we know that our Pastor and or staff would be willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you feel that you need to talk with the Pastor privately, he is willing to take the time and talk with you, or set up an appointment to talk with you. You are the reason we are here, to share the love of God and the Gospel with you so that the Deaf may see the Gospel.